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I am writing to appeal the recent suspension of my Seller's Account. due to my high order defect rate not meeting amazon's performance target of less than 1%
I have now recognize_d_ that not listing items properly_,_ and sending late shipments has le_a_d to bad seller feedback which has increase*d* my order defect rate. I also realized that on many occasions I have wasted buyer's time and money by not acting more professionally.
In light of this, I have now read and reread the guidelines for listing properly and shipping items accurately and in a timely manner.
Below is my plan of action to improve my performance. and get my ODR below the 1% target required by amazon.
1. I will Revise, fix and remove inventory that is no longer available or inaccurate. This will prevent me from have inaccurate orders that lead to customer unsatisfaction.
1. I will remove all current listings and work my inventory from the ground up. I will list accurately this time. I will make sure the ISBN matches, the Title matches, year, size, cover and color matches.
2. I will reach out to customers who have left negative feedback and see what I can do to resolve the issues they have experienced.
2. Use FBA service to send shipments. This will allow me complete orders timely and effectively.
3. Use the amazon new seller rating tool to ask for feedback on all orders that earned extra points.
3. I will do everything in my power to ship on the same day, otherwise I will ship orders within two business days.
But above all, I will--from now on, treat buyers' time and money with more respect as they have come to expect from Amazon.
Thank you so much for your consideration,


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