We are the registered proprietor of the USA Trade Mark Number *****(商标注册号)for ****(商标名) in classes(商标类别)*****(Registered Date:*****).Please refrain from using our Trademark when selling or listing any of your products.
Please remove your listing from our advert immediately ASIN:*******
The product is branded***** to reflect this, along with the title, brand and manufacturer.
If this is not done, we will have to report you to Amazon and they will remove it on your behalf. Please note:If a seller is removed 3 times by Amazon, the selling privilege would be removed by Amazon.
*****Company Reg No. *********
Dear “ B ”,
It has come to our attention that “ B ” is using the " A " trademark without license or prior written authorization from " A ".
" A " holds federal trademark registrations in the United States. So “ B ” listings violate " A " trademark and intellectual property rights. You are also in breach of Amazon’s Participation Agreement.
Therefore, we demand that you immediately remove all listings on in which “ B ”utilizes our trademarks and images protected by copyright.
“ B ” currently has at least one listing on for products that utilize“ A’s” trademarks and/or copyrights without authorization. See the following ASIN: B001234567 (写自己的 ASIN)
" A " is the only entity authorized to provide authorization to sell its products on Your listing constitutes a violation of " A's " trademark rights, copyrights, and Amazon’s Participation Agreement.
“ B ” 's infringing listings must be removed immediately to prevent damage to " A " brand and lost sales.
While " A " has many options available under this state. But we would prefer to resolve this matter amicably. Please confirm to us in writing within 24 hours, that you have:
(1) Removed all of " A’s " trademarks and copyright material from your listings and any other website or public display you operate;
(2) Removed all of " A’s " listings of products it claims to be associated with " A’s ", including but not limited to the ASINs listed above
Failure to take action within 24 hours will force us to report this serious violation to the Amazon seller performance team. This is licensed products to as well, Amazon seller performance team will take such violations very seriously, possibly resulting in removal of your selling privileges on
Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Legal on behalf of " A "
(from Bqool)
We noticed that you are not authorized online retailer for XXXX brand products and you have listed the particular item(s) ASIN: XXXXXXXXX, which is sold exclusively by XXXX authorized retailers.
As you may be aware, the unauthorized selling of XXXX products is an illegal action that seriously infringes Trademark Law. As the Trademark owner we did not sell you, nor authorize you to sell, any XXXX branded products. Also you are against Amazon's policy.
We kindly request that you follow our instructions:
a) Remove your offers from all XXXX product pages on within 24 hours, and do not list items on XXXX’s product pages in the future.
b) Send us confirmation after you have removed the previously stated products and listings.
If you don't comply with these demands, we'll have no choice but to file an official claim with the Seller Performance Department, which will seriously impact your Amazon performance.
Here is a link of the product in question
"We have received your U.S. Trademark Application and assigned serial number ' 869134571 ' to your submission." An official notification to you!
备注:”XXXX” 代表your Brand



To  Whom It May Concern:

Due to customer complaints and inquiries and upon  investigation by our legal counsel, it has come to our attention that you are  selling items on that do not match the {品牌名} brand trademark {USPTO  No***注册号***}, product, packaging, and/or UPC code. This willful infringement on  our intellectual property results in defamation of our trademark, is a  misrepresentation of products to customers, and constitutes as product fraud.  Such actions are prohibited by Amazon’s seller agreement and a violation of US  federal law.

Please cease all listing your products under the {品牌名} brand  and remove any existing violations immediately. Failure to comply within 24  hours will result in the infringement being reported to Amazon and legal action  and the pursuit of penalties to the full extent of US trademark law. Such  penalties include, but are not limited to, damages for loss of loss of revenue,  attorney’ s fees, and costs incurred.

To comply with this cease and  desist demand, you must immediately take the following actions and notify us in  writing regarding your compliance:

1.Termination of manufacturing,  distribution, sale, marketing, and promotion of infringing products.

2.  Removal of the {品牌名} trademark from all offers, listings, and photos being used  by you on and other marketplaces, both online and offline.

3.  Proof of forfeiture and destruction of any existing counterfeit and infringing  product inventory.

Upon completion of these steps, provide in writing the  following information:

4.Date you first began manufacturing,  distributing, selling, marketing, and promoting the infringing  products.

5. List the manufacturer(s) or distributor(s) of aforementioned  infringing products.

6. List of any parties that purchased aforementioned  infringing products for notification.

We require your signed and dated  confirmation of compliance to this letter as we wish to resolve this matter  without proceeding to litigation. All rights and remedies are reserved by {品牌名}  and nothing in this letter is a waiver or relinquishment of such rights or  remedies.





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